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Strategic Alignment

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What we do


Every start-up aims to reach the point where they become a scale-up.

At LBI Consulting, we support your business through this exciting time by developing a clear and compelling strategy and a plan for future growth. We increase business performance through strategic alignment, and our strategic leadership development will give you the skills and tools to scale up successfully and maintain a competitive advantage in your chosen market.

At LBI Consulting, we don’t just focus on growing businesses; we also grow their leaders.


Why LBI Consulting?


We are specialists in supporting businesses to scale, seek growth and perform optimally. Our team excels in strategy and leadership development, scenario planning, and aligning your leaders and business to execute. We leverage our extensive business, psychology, military, and high-performance sports experience.

• Our approach is evidence-based and underpinned by experience. We ensure that our methods and tools are grounded in research, which will enable greater success.

• Our approach is designed to be practical and interactive, and to grow both the business and the leadership team.

• We realise that no team or organisation is the same; we provide tailor-made solutions. At LBI Consulting, we do not believe in, or advocate, quick fixes; we strive for lasting competitive advantage.


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  • Katy Marshall - Head of L&D - Teaching NHS Foundation Trust
    Building strategic leadership capabilities in our organisation has been a real focus for the last year. Mike's knowledge and expertise in this area has helped create a senior leadership programme experience different to the norm.
    Katy Marshall - Head of L&D - Teaching NHS Foundation Trust
  • Katy Marshall - Head of L&D - Teaching NHS Foundation Trust
    You could have heard a pin drop in a room full of over 70 people when Mike gave a talk at our Senior Leadership Forum. His experience and story telling left many inspired that day, and months later I still get compliments about how amazing he was and the impact he had on individuals.
    Katy Marshall - Head of L&D - Teaching NHS Foundation Trust
  • Matt Allen – Head of Timetable Production
    It has been great working with the LBI Consulting team; their professional approach and dedication to developing and delivering a programme of individual and team coaching tailored to our needs has supported us and improved our organisational culture. Reflecting on the culture journey that we have been on with Mike, it is incredible to see after 18 months the positive improvements across the team in the areas of strategy alignment, accountability and levels of trust between the leadership and the wider team.    
    Matt Allen – Head of Timetable Production
  • Chris Bell - Head of performance WASP rugby
    Mike combines infectious passion with in-depth knowledge to deliver fantastic leadership courses! Wasps senior and academy players have benefitted from working with Mike and we look forward to continuing and constantly developing this relationship with Mike and LBI consulting.
    Chris Bell - Head of performance WASP rugby
  • Kris Alexander - Director Network Rail
    I sought support from LBI to help me to better understand our organisational culture and leadership capabilities. The diagnostic activity that Mike and his team undertook was incredibly insightful and we continued to work together to implement the interventions identified. I found LBI to be a superb organisation to work within both in terms of their expertise and the service they provide. Their work has helped us to become a higher-performing team and create a culture where people can deliver the best work of their careers.
    Kris Alexander - Director Network Rail
  • Jess Cooksey - England RFU Player
    I found Michael’s sessions really assisted my development as a player. Listening to his personal experiences discovering leadership as a soldier, it altered my playing perspective and made me become more confident. After he explained different theories it made me evaluate my mental attitude as an athlete off the pitch. However, he also made me evaluate my performance on the pitch by reviewing and reflecting performance. This means I can develop my leadership skills and ultimately become a better player and leader.
    Jess Cooksey - England RFU Player
  • James Cooper - Head of Performance Pathway
    Michael ran a successful culture and leadership development programme for the Talent Development Group and the insight it gave to all was invaluable. He challenged perceived norms and showed other ways to develop both on and off the pitch which will help improve both individual and team performance. I can't recommend him highly enough and look forward to continuing working with him in the future.
    James Cooper - Head of Performance Pathway