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We transform struggling cultures, poor strategic situations, and organisational misalignment into opportunities for success. Using straightforward, research-based solutions, we develop and align strategy, organisational design, and culture to drive your organisation forward.

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“Our team’s delivering the best work of their career”

“I found LBI to be a superb organisation to work with both in terms of their expertise and the service they provide. Their work has helped us to become a higher-performing team and create a culture where people can deliver the best work of their careers.”

Kris Alexander - Director Network Rail

Why do some organisations
excel while others fail

In a complex world, the difference often lies in effectively navigating strategic challenge.

An ill-conceived strategy and misalignment between strategy, culture, structure and leadership can lead to confusion, lack of direction, and subpar performance.

But when leadership and strategy are in sync, you can:


Focus on a clear direction instead of juggling competing priorities


Replace friction and firefighting with resilience and adaptability


Build happy and high-performing teams and say goodbye to poor morale and conflict


Attract and retain top talent instead of losing momentum with high staff turnover


Develop strong, accountable leadership and empower managers to act decisively


Achieve organisational success instead of performance that misses the mark

How we can help

Gain a fresh perspective with our straightforward, research-based solutions. We're here to help you navigate your strategic challenges, align your efforts, and achieve impactful results.


Strategic Development:Change your strategic situation to your advantage. We use a unique strategy development approach, focusing on the relationships between your organisation and other key players. This approach allows us to change your fit with the environment to your advantage, enhancing your organisation's resilience and adaptability. By understanding these interactions, we can anticipate changes, prepare for various scenarios, and create a precise plan for implementing your strategy. This ensures you're ready to face any challenges and achieve your desired results.


Organisational Design:Design your organisation for success - Build an organisation that's designed to succeed. We use the Viable Systems Model (VSM) to align your structure and processes, reducing friction and improving efficiency. This model ensures your organisation is adaptable, ready to meet current demands and respond to future challenges. We also provide bespoke success metrics, giving you a clear picture of your progress and success.


Culture Development:- Create a culture that drives success - We use a systemic approach to align your culture with your strategic goals. We understand the culture you need, design the levers to support its emergence, and define the value exchange for employees. This approach creates a positive work environment that boosts employee engagement and drives organisational performance.

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“In 18 months we’ve seen incredible improvements in alignment, accountability and trust”

“It has been great working with the LBI Consulting team; their professional approach and dedication to developing and delivering a programme of individual and team coaching tailored to our needs has supported us and improved our organisational culture. It’s incredible to see positive improvements across the team in strategy alignment, accountability and levels of trust between the leadership and the wider team.”

Matt Allen – Head of Timetable Production, Network Rail

Unlocking your strategic challenges with Bespoke solutions

At LBI Consulting, we don't just solve immediate challenges; we enhance your organisation's overall capability.

Our bespoke solutions, rooted in organisational psychology, systems thinking, and leadership experience, are designed to navigate complex situations effectively.

Navigate organisational challenges and achieve results with LBI Consulting. We're here to guide and support you every step of the way.

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Meet Mike Jones, founder of LBI Consulting

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Mike is an organisational psychologist, systems thinker and seasoned leader. He is adept at navigating the intricacies and unpredictability of contemporary organisations by developing foresight, strategy, and alignment.

Mike's leadership journey is rooted in his extensive service in the British Army, where he led troops in challenging and hostile environments. His exceptional leadership skills led to his selection as an instructor at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, a globally renowned institution for leadership training. Here, he was instrumental in shaping the future leaders of the military.

Coupling these experiences with his research as an organisational psychologist and cross-industry expertise, Mike has honed a unique approach to strategy, leadership, and culture development. He excels in creating environments that enable individuals, teams, and organisations to thrive amidst complexity.

Mike's approach is not about quick fixes but understanding each client's unique challenges and crafting bespoke solutions for success.

He brings an honest, external perspective to your strategic challenges and provides practical, actionable solutions.

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Mike combines infectious passion with in-depth knowledge to deliver fantastic leadership courses!

Chris Bell – Head of Performance, WASPS Rugby


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