Many organisations struggle to think beyond business-as-usual activities. They launch new products and services; they move into new markets; they pursue new customers. Seldom do they pause to assess whether their strategy, people, teams and processes are all working towards their strategic goals.

Today’s leaders understand they should align their organisation; their strategies, organisational capabilities, culture, resources, and management systems to support their purpose. The challenge is that leaders tend to focus on one of these areas, resulting in exclusion of the others. However, what matters for performance is how they all fit together.

At LBI Consulting, we focus on supporting organisations and their leaders to create strategic alignment.

We have developed a tailored phased approach to achieve alignment, starting with our organisational analysis, providing an in-depth analytical understanding of best practices and challenges within an organisation and how this impacts your organisational alignment. The analysis forms the basis of our next phase, where we will be working with the senior leadership team to build strategic alignment.

We support you in developing a competitive strategy and understanding what strategic steps are required to align the organisation to fulfil its purpose. Our final phase supports the organisation to lead sustainable strategic change. Your leaders will gain clarity and feel empowered to execute your strategy as a cohesive team.