Frequently Asked Questions

What is strategic alignment?

Strategic alignment is the degree to which organisational design, strategy, and culture cooperate to achieve the same desired result. When organisational elements mutually support one another, they optimise performance, employee engagement, and commitment.

An organisation’s ability to function relies upon two factors:

  • The degree to which talented individuals and groups within the organisation share information and cooperate
  • The degree to which they are aligned to the organisation’s common aim, or purpose

Strategic alignment is essential to any organisation – regardless of its size, sector, or location – and should be approached as a crucial strategic priority.

Why should my business be strategically aligned?

High performing organisations are the most aligned organisation. 

Strategic alignment is essential for any organisation to achieve its goals. Organisational capabilities, culture, resources and management systems should all be mutually supporting to enable you to achieve your shared purpose. When one, or more of these elements, is going off-course, the direction that the entire business is moving towards will shift. 

Strategic alignment maximises performance while also minimising risk. As a result, the best aligned enterprises are also the best performing over time.

“Alignment equals performance; misalignment equals risk”.

My business has a strategy, isn’t that sufficient?

It is not enough to just have a strategy; it needs to be understood by the entire organisation, and the organisational structure, culture and processes need to support the fulfilment of your strategy. 

The strategy should be the main driver behind operational actions and decisions. From the shop floor to the executive board, they should utilise it to decide on priorities and create ways of working. 

Only when you have a well-understood purpose, a strategy that supports that purpose’s fulfilment and the organisation is aligned, will it ensure your organisation achieve its aims.

How do I know that my business is misaligned?

Organisations can get stuck in the business-as-usual mode, focussing on different parts of the business in isolation, and drifting away from their strategy. The strategic drift could result in missed deadlines, increased reactive behaviour, stalling growth, duplication of initiatives and internal projects, a drop in morale and employee satisfaction, and silo working. All signs that misalignment is at play. 

At LBI Consulting, we have extensive experience diagnosing misalignment and identifying fundamental changes to realign your organisation.

How is LBI Consulting’s approach different to other management consulting agencies? 

At LBI Consulting we believe that strategic alignment is the key that can unlock an organisation’s full potential, and we have built our entire phased approach around this. 

It all starts with our organisational analysis, which will provide a clear understanding of best practices and challenges, and how this affects alignment. This analysis will then form the basis of the next phases, where we work with the senior leadership team to create strategic alignment. A strategy will be developed, alongside the strategic steps required to align the organisation to fulfil its purpose. Our final phase supports business leaders to gain clarity and feel empowered to execute their strategy as a team. 

At LBI Consulting we won’t just present you with a strategy, we create strategic alignment. And we will be with you every step of the way. 

Who is behind LBI Consulting?

LBI Consulting was founded by Mike Jones, who comes with an extensive operational military background, topped up with an MSc in occupational psychology. He has created a team which has extensive business, military and high-performance sports experience.